Have The Grandest Drive Of Your Life By Renting An Aston Martin

Driving an Aston Martin doesn’t just feel expensive and elegant because it does costs a lot of fortune and is really made to impress everyone with its high quality. It is going to amaze you inside and out. While most people won’t be able to afford buying an Aston Martin car like the DB11, there is another way for you to experience driving this supercar. And that is by renting one!

The tag price of the Aston Martin DB11 will make your eyes pop out. You can buy it from £154,900 and yes it will make someone faint. But renting it will obviously cost a whole lot cheaper than buying one. You don’t have to sell everything just to experience driving an Aston Martin. So what should you expect when you rent this beauty?

Just The Right Amount Of Space

Tall drivers sometimes find cars uncomfortable because of the limited space in the driver’s seat. But the Aston Martin DB11 makers made sure that you do not have to feel squeezed in while driving to your destination. It has all the space you need to drive comfortable and enjoy the trip. There are also rear seats that could accommodate extra passengers but it would be uncomfortable to sit in unless you are a kid.

Smooth Drive

If you want a smooth and quiet drive for your trip, the DB11 is a great choice. Even with a powerful engine, you can only barely hear the engine noise. In fact, travelling at 70mph will only give you 1,500rpm while travelling!

Impressive Dashboard Layout

One of the things that you first see when looking at a car is the dashboard. This is also the area that you will be seeing most of the time while driving because controls and the infotainment system are located here. While some cars have plasticky buttons on the dashboard, the Aston Martin DB11 keeps its elegant look in the dashboard with a neat layout.

The technology used for the DB11’s dashboard can look very familiar because it is somewhat similar to Mercedes cars. This is due to a stake between the two luxury car giants that allows them to share their technologies with each other.

Easy To Drive

While the DB11 is a little bit bigger in size compared to other cars, it is still very easy to handle because of the features that Aston Martin included in the car’s system. The manufacturer knew that some people might find it hard to drive the car because of the poor over-the-shoulder visibility so they put cameras around the car’s body that shows images on the infotainment screen. Because of this, you will have no problem driving it. Along with this advanced technology are the smooth brakes, controls, steering, throttle, and automatic gearbox that you’ll also find easy to use.

The Aston Martin DB11 is a dream car for everyone but not everyone can afford buying it. But if you just want to experience the adrenaline that comes with driving it on luxurious trips, then you can contact a car rental company to have one at a lower price.